IPC-A-600 CIS Recert Training

  IPC A-600 course for PCB IPC-A-600 Certification For PCB 

This is a 3-day program for experienced soldering technicians looking for knowledge of the IPC-A-600, ”The Acceptability of Rigid and Flex PCBs” and how to navigate the criteria found in the standard. Both closed and open book tests are required after each module. The student must pass 70 percent of the questions in both an open and closed book format in order to successfully complete this program.

What’s in the class?

  • Introduction and Professional Training
  • Certification Policies and Procedures
  • Scope/Applicable Documents
  • General and Material Requirements
  • Visual Requirements


  • Dimensional and Conductor Requirements
  • Structural Integrity
  • Solder Mask, Electrical, Cleanliness, Rework and Repair


  • Special Requirements
  • Quality Assurance Provisions and Notes
  • Supplemental Requirements


  • Course Summary/Review
  • Open Book Examination
  • Closed Book Examination
  • Instructor/Student Conference
  • Wrap-Up

How long does it take?
4 days or less depending in which optional modules are chosen

What do you get?
IPC Certificate of Training