IPC- 7711 or 7721 CIS Recert Training

IPC 7711/21 course for PCB Rework   James Barnhart - IPC 7711/21 Instructor

Every two years, certified IPC 7711 or 7721 CIS candidates need to become recertified according to the IPC policies and procedures. One of the ways to facilitate this recertification is to have the candidates sit for the IPC 7711 specialist recertification or the IPC 7721 specialist recertification class. In both cases, the applicable standards are reviewed on an accelerated basis and the hand skills are tested.

Students in either the IPC 7711 specialist recertification or the IPCP 7721 specialist recertification class will discuss an overview of the IPC 7711/21 document. This class is intended to be at a pace that assumes the students utilize the standard in the workplace. When there are revisions and/or amendments to this standard students will discuss applicable changes.

What’s in the class IPC 7711 specialist recertification class?
Same as the IPC 7711 or IPC 7721 CIS certification program only in a compacted form.

What do you get when you successfully pass the IPC 7721 specialist recertification class?
A review of your knowledge on looking up anything in the standard as well as how to apply the standard. Successful IPC 7711 specialist recertification and IPC 7721 specialist recertification class students walk away with a recertification of their 2-year industry credential.